Quint’s innovation hub.

We’re an agile team of software engineers working with open-source technologies that power one of the fastest growing fintech groups in the UK.

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InQbate is Quint’s innovation hub in Cape Town, South Africa. We’re a passionate team of unique individuals who like to question the status quo and explore new technologies, frameworks, and methodologies. We love what we do as a team, and we celebrate individuality.

Diversity of thought contributes to our success and it generates healthy debate around what’s happening in technology right now. Challenge the world that you work in. Make it your own.

Quint is one of the fastest growing fintech groups in the UK. At InQbate, we create engaging products for the group through innovative use of technology. We believe that meaningful work translates into successful products.

Meaningful work

Work/life balance is key to our success, promoting flexible hours, ability to work remotely and have a great company culture.


Our squads are cross-discipline and we all work together towards a common purpose. Each of us contributes according to our strengths and we overcome our own weaknesses by learning from each other.


We lead by example, but we also stand on the shoulders of giants. Forge your own path in your career by taking a lead on any aspect of your job that’s close to your heart. If it fits within our scope, then we’ll support your ambition.


Each of us has a passion and we strive to bring it into our work every day. We dedicate a sprint to working on our own passion projects, which in turn enrich our work. It’s an escape from the business-as-usual and inspires new ideas.

The InQbate team were instrumental in delivering the Monevo USA vision and have been a perfect addition to Quint Group’s global strategy. Meeting the US team’s business needs has been excelled at every level.

David Brooks, US Territory Director


Technology is central to our work. We use it to automate mundane tasks and to facilitate collaboration across our team and the rest of the Group.

We organise ourselves around the tools that we use every day.

Our primary communication platform. We collaborate by sharing ideas, resources and insights.

The largest host of source code in the world. Besides being our primary code repository, we also use GitHub issues to manage our backlog.

Real-time collaboration on documents, and shared storage for project resources. We work in the cloud.


We’re humans who build technology for humans.


We have a responsibility to each other to hold ourselves accountable for results. We admit and learn from our mistakes. We’re solutions focused.


Creativity and ingenuity sets us apart from machines. We broaden our minds and seek out new ideas. We learn and improve, and we’re never scared to voice an opinion.


We treat each other as we’d like to be treated ourselves. We build lasting relationships and we value openness and honesty.


We lead by example and we value the contributions of others. We nurture talent and share knowledge with each other.


We’re proud of the products that we create and we remain determined to improve. We make time for passion projects and we never stand still.


We’re not satisfied with “just enough”, but rather strive to exceed customer expectations. We deliver quality products and we expect a high standard.


We create value by working together. We collaborate, share ideas, and treat each other with respect. We communicate openly and we’re not afraid to ask for assistance.